I don’t know why I always romanticized the idea of being a mother. Not sure how or why I imagined that it would all be love and roses and most importantly that it would come easy. My first pregnancy hit me like a lightening strike, I felt like I was dying, could not eat, could not move, I looked horrible, I was tired and developed adult acne that has left me with scars to this day. In addition, to all the physical difficulties, people tended to say the most wonderful and supportive things such as “you have a burgerface” or “your skin doesn’t look good, you must be having a girl, they steal your beauty”. Oh, OK, thanks for those kind words guys, just what I needed to hear!

When my daughter arrived in a blaze of glory, our world was turned upside down. No matter how many books we read, no matter how much advice we received (whether or not we wanted it) – we were NOT ready. From a baby girl that was seemingly allergic to sleep, colic, poo EVERYWHERE, her severe separation anxiety, teething ALL THE TIME, it was not glamorous or fun, just messy. I do want to say that I suffered from postpartum immediately and it continued for almost eight months – which could be clouding my judgment of the whole experience.

To this day, my daughter is the most strong-willed, independent, intelligent, driven and determined little girl. While these qualities are celebrated in adults, in a child who is going through terrible two’s these are all the things that test my patience, EVERY single day. As I look back, I realize that my little Bubby has given me the greatest gift of all – humility. I now understand and appreciate how hard, messy and unpredictable being a parent is. Becoming a mother made me realize how much my mom has done for me. How hard she fought for our happiness, and us every single day. How selfless she is and how much she loves us – since unconditional love is the only way anyone can survive the job that is parenthood.

So this Mother’s Day, I just want to say, thank you mama, you are my hero. I love you.

Now, go on, give your mom a hug.


Here is a delicious; easy to make, no bake dessert you can make for your mama! It really doesn’t get more light and airy than this.

Raspberry Mascarpone Parfait

Prep time: 15 minutes

475g Mascarpone

325g Vanilla Yogurt

½ cup powdered sugar

1 table spoon vanilla extract

2 cups of frozen raspberries (you can also use fresh)

Whipped cream to top

Mix mascarpone, yogurt, powdered sugar and vanilla extract in a bowl.

Layer mixture, alternating with frozen raspberries. Put in fridge for 1-2 hours to allow the raspberries to melt and for the raspberry juices permeate the mascarpone and yogurt mixture.

Top with whipped cream just before serving.


Side photo by Scarlet O’Neill.


raspberry2 raspberry6 raspberry5 raspberry1 raspberry4



Photos by Vanja Baresic