I never pass up an opportunity for some fun event planning even if it’s for a small family gathering. There really is something thrilling about creating unique entertaining experiences that celebrate daily joys and moments. My son’s baptism was a simple and intimate family get-together where we celebrated this new beautiful soul and the gift of family and faith.

The theme for the day was really inspired by the simplicity and humbleness of this Sacrament. While this is by no means a new idea, going back to the basics – with white flowers, mason jars, chalkboard messages, beautiful turquoise accents (present throughout our home), I played with existing colour schemes which always makes for great photos.

One of the most fun projects was creating the party favours from scratch. My husband got me a Polaroid Zip Instant Printer for Christmas, and while at first I wondered what I would be able to use it for, it has been an amazing tool for creating everything from dinner name cards, labels, photo stickers and for this project, a prayer card. While you can use any desktop programs such as InDesign or Photoshop to create the card and then print using the Zip Printer, I got creative and used one of my mobile apps, Baby Pics, which is intended for capturing precious baby milestones through fun premium artwork, fonts and messages. Needless to say I didn’t see the point in downloading one more app when this one was perfect for what I needed. I used extra small paper doilies to create a pocket envelope (required no cutting or gluing), just wrap it around the card. Along with the card, I included a St. Benedict medal.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating it all.



Baptism7 Baptism5 Baptism1

Baptism87 Baptism81 Baptism80 Baptism23 Baptism22 RusticBaptism Baptism12 Baptism11 Baptism8

Photos by Vanja Baresic